A New Step Into Self-Publishing

New for me, I mean.

I’ve joined Book View Café, and over the next year or so, I’ll be bringing some of my books out through BVC, starting with the Death’s Lady trilogy.

I’ll bring out the Black Dog books over at BVC too, and most likely everything else, EXCEPT maybe not the Tuyo series.

In order to bring out books through anyone but Amazon, the title has to be withdrawn from Kindle Unlimited. That’s fine for readers who don’t particularly care for Amazon. But at the moment, KU is bringing in a third to half my royalties — and Tuyo and Tarashana between them get as many pages read as everything else put together. So I’m reluctant to pull those books out of KU and will drag my feet for a good while before doing so.

Things I’ve learned: a lot about formatting ebooks. I thought I knew everything about using Word. Turns out I didn’t know anything at all about using Styles to format a document. Now I know a lot more about that.

I’ve also copy-edited a few books for other people, which in one case means I’m planning to point you to the book once it’s out because it’s an interesting book and I loved a lot about it.

I expect I’ll be doing an occasional guest post over at BVC too.

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3 thoughts on “A New Step Into Self-Publishing”

  1. Sounds like a good idea!
    I always read their blog, and buy books published by them regularly. They are quite efficient at distributing the books they publish to different online bookstores.

  2. Good to know, Hanneke! ASAP, maybe today, I’ll put the Death’s Lady books out everywhere else via Draft to Digital, so we’ll see what happens with each different venue.

  3. Yay! I love BVC and I try not to buy from Amazon. I’m looking forward to getting the other Death’s Lady books there.

    If you have a Mac or don’t mind using Mac in Cloud, Vellum is great for formatting ebooks and has some nifty little tricks to make distributing to different storefronts easier.

    BTW that second link in your post is broken.

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