Menewood by Nicola Griffith

No, it’s not out yet. Looks like the publication date got pushed back from November of this year to 2023 — I wonder if part of that (or how much of that) is due to the supply chain problems? I’ve been seeing announcements of other books’ release dates being postponed.

But that’s not what I want to comment on.

The thing is, I was poking around, looking to see if Menewood was scheduled for release — for that matter, whether it might’ve been released and I missed it — and you know what, this book has nine ratings on Goodreads. None with a review. Just ratings.

What causes that? If someone had an advance copy, wouldn’t they write an actual review? I’ve seen that, and that’s fine, but just a rating with no review? I don’t think any of these people can have read it. What gives? Are these fake people? Nicola Griffith fans who hope they’ll love the book? But two of the reviews are four stars, not five, so … what, they hope they’ll like the book pretty well but are sure they won’t love it?

I realize this happens a lot. Unpublished books that are up on Goodreads always get ratings, sometimes quite a few ratings. It’s just weird.

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