Yes, you should let an author know you love their books

I realize you all already know this.

But, I just thought I’d mention, a few weeks ago, several people happened to write me a super-nice letter, or series of tweets in one case, about The Floating Islands and The Sphere of the Winds. These all happened to arrive in quick succession, one right after the other.

As a result, I paused the other things I was working on, re-read bits of both books, then sat down and wrote a quick outline of important scenes for a third book in this series.

True, at a couple of points, the outline says merely: Stuff Happens. Nevertheless, I now have a much clearer idea of how the book should open, several crucial and fun scenes, and (roughly) how it ends. I mean, I already had a basic notion about how I’d like to handle the central problem. I know exactly how I’d like the world to be better at the end than it is at the start. But I do have a significantly clearer notion about all that now, plus a good many details along the way.

Will I write this third book? Don’t know. Could I write it? Sure. Am I inclined to write it? Despite no prospect of getting rights back to the first book, maybe. I’m certainly a lot more inclined to write it than I was last month.

That’s a direct result of those letters.

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16 thoughts on “Yes, you should let an author know you love their books”

  1. Well, yay for the power of positive feedback! Let me add my voice to the chorus of readers who would love another Floating Islands book!

    And have I mentioned recently enough that I can’t wait for more Black Dog short stories?? :)

  2. I’m working on them, Kim! I had trouble with one story, switched to a different one, and should probably finish that this week. That will make three finished novellas. I do need a fourth for the collection.

  3. I’m so glad! I loved those books, and particularly enjoyed the theme of ‘you don’t always get to do what you want to do in life’, and wonder what that means for Ari, and Ceirfei, and her friend from the University.

  4. I’m really glad to hear that, I really like those books!
    Those wind dragons are fascinating, and so is tge Academy.

  5. This is timely! I’ve been thinking of writing a few authors whose books I love and including a copy of my book now that I’m a published author too just in case I can give back some of the enjoyment they gave me, but it’s kind of intimidating still.

  6. Well, a zillion years ago, I sent Sharon Shinn a copy of The City in the Lake with a letter saying how much I’d loved her books, especially The Shapechanger’s Wife. Eventually she read City and wrote me a letter back and now we correspond now and then. Really nice conversations. My favorites are when she yells at me when she hits an exciting moment in another book of mine she’s reading.

    So … you should do that. You might never hear back from someone, heaven knows no one has time to read everything, but on the other hand it can lead to a really nice friendship.

  7. “Floating islands” series is wonderful–right up there with “House of Shadows”. A third book would be a treat.
    I suppose a massed dragon attack on Yngulin may be too clichéd.

  8. I had been waiting for just the right moment to reread The Floating Islands and launch into The Sphere of the Winds. And the moment came last week. So I am especially inspired to say, “Yes! Yes! Another in the series, please.” I really LIKE the characters. Though it’s also true that you pretty much always write characters I like, and enjoy. So any books, any time.

  9. You are the best, Rachel! And obviously I love your books. I know I’m the odd one out because I always say The Mountain of Kept Memory and Winter of Ice and Iron are my favorites.

  10. Those are both near the top for me personally. But I think I’m biased toward the more recent titles.

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