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A possibly interesting post at Jane Friedman’s blog: How to Market Your Book Without Social Media

This caught my eye because, as part of “focus on writing” emphasis for the year, I’m not really doing anything much with social media right now.

I glance at Twitter for a few minutes if I’m at a red light and retweet something funny about agents breeding only in the Sargasso Sea. [This is actually eels, by the way, and did anybody else know that tidbit of trivia? Eels are extraordinary in many ways.]

I look at Facebook for thirty seconds and hit like on a nice gardening picture on a Facebook group, or on someone’s nice win photo from a recent show, or whatever.

That’s about it right now. So, as I say, the above post caught my eye. The author of the post writes nonfiction; eg, her latest is a book about gardening.

But there are still many avenues on and off the Internet to help drive book sales. Here’s my first dozen...

  1. author website
  2. blog
  3. email newsletter
  4. guest posts
  5. author’s own podcasts
  6. YouTube channel
  7. Professional organizations
  8. Guest appearances on podcasts
  9. Sending out review copies
  10. Speaking
  11. LinkedIn
  12. Local bookstores

That’s an interesting list. I certainly ought to do more with my newsletter. I know that. It’s not like I don’t know that. It is on my list of things to do, eventually.

Anyway, some of this is absolutely not going to work for me. I do not plan to do a podcast, ever. I don’t think that’s my thing at all. No YouTube channel, ever. There is just no way.

I expect this sort of thing is different for fiction versus nonfiction. I haven’t managed to get a BookBub ad yet. I need to apply for one again.

Anyway, this post could be worth a look if this is something that’s relevant to you.

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1 thought on “Book Promotion without Social Media”

  1. Well, this is very useful for those who (like me) eschew social media and also aspire to be authors. I mean, I’d thought about some of these things before, but now they’re in a handy list. So thanks for linking to it. I mean, some of these are things I would never, ever do – but still.

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