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I bet it won’t surprise anyone that I’ve decided to keep Tri Girl One, at least for the present.

Tri Girl One

She’s a nice puppy. Not the very best puppy I’ve ever bred, but really quite nice. Pretty head, decent structure, nice markings — one little freckle, but hopefully that’s as far as that’ll go. Bite’s a little bit off. Puppy bites change all the time, sometimes for years. Morgan’s bite is perfect. Ish’s bite was off for five years(!) and then corrected. We’ll see what this puppy’s bite does as she matures.

Naamah wants to keep a puppy

Morgan, incidentally, has decided, along with Naamah, that the puppies are kind of a good idea. Now that she’s no longer nursing and has discovered that puppies are fun to play with, she’s moving back toward her own normal playful personality. Both Morgan and Naamah want to keep a puppy.

Like Naamah and Morgan, I also just want to keep a puppy.

I am indeed going to call this puppy Saffron. Her registered name will be Anara Orange Blossom, in keeping with a flower theme that has been moderately consistent in this family. If she turns out to be a handful and a half, Saffron will fit because of the Devil Woman connotation. If she turns out to be sweet and affectionate — and I will say, her personality has moved in that direction recently — then Saffron is still a nice, pretty name if you pretend you never watched Firefly.

She’s a delightful puppy. I need to start teaching her the basics of very simple obedience exercises.

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