Five weeks and two days, but who’s counting?

I’m counting the days because every. single. puppy. is willing to either eat Royal Canin Starter (good) or at least lick chicken baby food off my finger (not as good, but it’s a start). I want them all eating kibble, softened if necessary, though those vicious little teeth are starting to suggest that they should be able to handle dry kibble pretty soon. I want this because at the moment they aren’t eating enough to really keep them going, so I still have to get up at one in the morning and take Morgan upstairs and supervise her while the puppies nurse. Have I mentioned I get up at four thirty in the morning as just a standard part of my schedule?

I will say, a couple broken nights usually suffices for me to train myself to go back to sleep promptly.

Well, another week … surely not much more … should see major gains in weaning and hopefully unbroken nights for Morgan and for me.


I think this picture is so funny! The puppies are venturing out of the puppy room. Every single puppy appears to be nicely confident and ready to explore. Keeping track of five is quite a trick, incidentally. Here we see the ruby girl and her almost entirely invisible black-and-tan brother, revealed mainly by the shadow of his tail, exploring about five feet from the puppy room gate. They didn’t stop here, either. The ruby found the open crate that really more or less belongs to Leda, though different dogs like to go in there sometimes, and in she went. The black-and-tan turned the other way and toddled into the living room, suddenly wondered if he’d gotten farther than he wanted to be, and was quickly rescued and restored to the puppy room before he could worry about being lost.

Meanwhile, after explorations are over for the moment, the puppies all still nap very thoroughly.

Meanwhile! On the way to work this morning, I suddenly realized how Dimilioc is going to solve the central problem of witches and black witchcraft, in a really great visual scene at the end of Silver Circle. It was one of those OF COURSE moments that is so helpful. I paused before turning onto the highway to scribble a quick note, though I doubt I’ll forget.

No doubt everyone will have some difficulty getting to that point. I don’t know yet what exact obstacles they will have to overcome to get there. But I do clearly know where they’re going. Also, I’m certain Justin will be important, which means Keziah will probably be moving more toward center stage as well. I know that will please some of you. Honestly, the cast of characters is so big by now it’s just a real challenge.

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