Can you tell one puppy from the next?

I’m pretty sure these pictures are each showing a different tricolor puppy! But I have to admit, from the front, they look very (very) similar. Do you know how I make sure I’m giving extra formula to the tricolor boy? By peeking underneath. One of the tri girls looks A LOT like him. The other girl has a big white band across her hips and is much easier to distinguish.

This is, from top to bottom, Tri Girl One, Tri Girl Two, and Tri Boy … I think.

The two tri girls, who were the smallest puppies at birth (six ounces) are now neck and neck for biggest puppy (1050 grams, more or less, or 37 ounces). The tri boy no longer has problems sputtering milk, but did slow down a lot for a while there and is just 915 g or so as of this morning, or 32 ounces. None of them are remotely interested in real food, alas. The little monsters persist in thinking only mother’s milk will do. Well, I’m telling myself (and Morgan), they all will definitely get weaned eventually …

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