Adorableness quotient is on the rise

It’s not like the b/t boy is the cutest … although at the moment he’s my favorite … it’s just that I managed to get several quite good pictures of him this past weekend, so I thought I’d focus on him in one post. If I manage to get several good pictures of each puppy over the next week, that’d be nice, but (a) the camera in my new phone is inferior to the camera in my old phone; and (b) puppies are wiggly little monsters and produce a whole lot of blurry pictures for every good one.

Anyway: the b/t boy:

I know, very dark, but still, I think this is a cute picture. It shows how domed the skull looks at three weeks compared to later!
Sleepy puppy
All together now: Awwwwww!

Sometimes a puppy suggests a puppy name to my subconscious. Usually this occurs when they’re about five weeks old and scampering around. This time, I started calling this puppy “Gremlin” a week ago. I’m definitely not keeping him — I do not want a boy from this litter — but he seems to stand out for me. He’s the only one who’s got a puppy name at this point.

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2 thoughts on “Adorableness quotient is on the rise”

  1. Very cute! With the little white chin tuft, I like how it helps define his face and expression too.

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