Narrowing down the TBR pile

I thought this Twitter thread from @Sandstone was worth sharing: So, a thread on reading, not reading, and TBR overwhelm, along with a method of narrowing things down that’s worked for me

I’ll sum this up:

Divide your TBR pile into two halves: the half that feels more appealing and the half that feels less appealing.

Divide the top half into two quarters.

Repeat, repeat, until you have a small and manageable set of books that are most appealing to you at the moment.

There’s more to it than that! But that’s the fundamental process.

Anyway, I truly sympathize with this problem of a giant TBR pile but no desire to actually read anything on it; and the associated problem of not being able to get into a new-to-me book for reasons that have little to do with the book’s quality and a lot more to do with my current mood and ability (or maybe desire) to focus attentively on a new-to-me world.

Click through and read the whole thing if you’ve had a problem getting into anything on your TBR pile. Maybe you’ll see some suggestions that might help.

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