I won’t post much about them until they are older and thriving, but in case anyone wondered, yes, puppies have arrived.

We had an urgent but not emergency C-section yesterday; puppies ranged from six to seven and a half ounces. All are doing well so far, though I may tube-feed one or two later today if their weight does not start to head in the right direction. Most maintained well overnight. Morgan is being a very good mother.

Two tricolor girls, one tricolor boy, one ruby girl who stands out amid the sea of blackness in the whelping box, one black and tan boy. He is the smallest and the only one whose weight slipped overnight. All the tris are very heavily marked, two are what we call blanket tricolors, but have nice face markings.

I will be too tired to get much work done for the next day or so. Then I will be both stuck in the house and hopefully much less tense and should make good progress on a couple of projects.

I scheduled a handful of posts ahead, but not enough, so posting will be light the first week of June.

I’m going to try to add a picture, but that can be tricky using my phone, so here goes —

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5 thoughts on “Puppies!”

  1. Puppies!! Best wishes to you, Morgan, and to them. Hoping they all maintain & gain!

  2. Great news! I needed that today. Best wishes to you, Mama Morgan and the puppies.

  3. Congratulations!
    Very happy to hear that Morgan came through fine and all FIVE puppies came out okay.
    Wow! Five puppies at once! What riches!
    And what a lot of work for you and Morgan now, keeping up with so many little ones!
    I hope her Caesarian recovery goes well, and so many little milk sharks don’t hurt her belly wound.
    I’m wishing you all the best, a whole heap of patience, and very good health.

  4. Thank you all!

    Hanneke, she had some pain for sure, but the mothers never seem at all bothered by the puppies kneading directly against the incision. I don’t know why. But they don’t. Morgan is recovering well and a lot more comfortable today. Poor girl, but she was in first-stage labor for 12 hours with no sign of moving into real labor, and we were heading toward evening, and so I decided a section would be a lot safer than waiting to see what might happen next.

    Morgan’s maternal instincts came in with a rush as soon as I got her home, and all the puppies started nursing within half an hour, so really they all did very well.

    All the puppies are gaining weight, with only one needing a little boost from me via a few CC’s fed by tube.

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