Things that make me happy, speaking as an author

I’ve realized something that is, first, maybe a bit surprising; and second, not a bit surprising.

Along with all the extremely obvious things that make me happy as an author —

— finishing a draft

— finishing a revision

— getting nice comments from a beta reader

— getting comments that make it clear a reader loves the scenes I most love personally

— seeing nice reviews get posted online

— seeing sufficient progress with royalties from self-publishing that I can imagine a day coming where I can perhaps write full-time if I choose

Anyway, all of that is completely predictable and entirely unsurprising.

But here’s something I’m adding to this list, that I don’t think I saw coming:

When a reader says in a review: “I don’t know if I want to read NIKOLES … I mean, no Ryo!” — that actually makes me happy.

Plainly I would hope that everyone will eventually buy and read NIKOLES. I mean, of course. But I am so happy that some readers find Ryo such an appealing protagonist that they resist picking up a related story because he isn’t the protagonist. That is so … how shall I put this … it’s such an affirmation for TUYO and for Ryo. It gives me a warm feeling every time I see or hear this.

I just mention this because, first, you might wonder. No, it doesn’t bother me a bit. Entirely the reverse. Especially since I’ve heard enough affirming comments about NIKOLES too that I’m happy with that story as well.

But I also mention this because, second, I’m making good progress on KERAUNANI. I hope you will all enjoy the story, which I am enjoying immensely myself. It’s not nearly as dark-edged as NIKOLES, so that’s something that many (most) (nearly all) readers will probably appreciate.

I kind of had to start actually putting words in a row for this one. It made me just too uncomfortable to say, “forthcoming in 2022 — two Tuyo novels!” when neither was even started. I feel much happier about saying that now. KERAUNANI is so far moving just about as fast and easily as everything else in this series.

But it’s fine with me if everyone in creation prefers Ryo and the main trilogy within this series. More than fine! It’s literally a positive thing to hear that!

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3 thoughts on “Things that make me happy, speaking as an author”

  1. I had secretly been hoping Keraunani would involve Aras’ family meeting (or at least hearing of) Ryo, because I ADORE outsider POV on our main character. We’ve seen Ryo from the inside so much that I want to see what people think of him now from the outside! But REALLY I’m just looking forward to meeting Aras’ daughters, whomever else the story involves.

  2. Well … This is not the story where that happens, actually. But I hope you will like it anyway, even if we don’t meet Aras’ daughters and wife until later.

  3. Hah, well, I AM excited for that, but looking forward now to the mystery of whomever else we meet in Keraunani!

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