Why yes, I’m just a touch obsessive, how could you tell?

I can’t touch the Kindle ebook edition of the Death’s Lady trilogy after today — the version that’s in the system is the version that will go live on the fifteenth.

You know what that means?

I have literally checked a dozen times over the past few days that the right file is loaded for each book, EVEN THOUGH I KNOW THE RIGHT VERSIONS ARE LOADED.

Despite KNOWING that, I just checked again.

The Year’s Midnight = DeathsLady1Kindle.docx

Of Absence, Darkness = DeathsLady2Kindle.docx

As Shadow, a Light = DeathsLady3Kindle.docx

They are all fine. I’ve checked TWICE this morning.

I’m not an anxious person in general, but as you see, yes, a touch obsessive. This is, however, ridiculous. I hereby resolve not to check again in the next 10 hours. After that, it will be too late and I should be able to relax about it.

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