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Finished! For real this time

Okay, I have finished ALL the fiddlly page-by-page corrections and revisions for Death’s Lady Book 3: As Shadow, A Light.

WHEW. Glad that’s over. Also, nine days before I HAD to have the correct version loaded into KDP, so that’s fine.

If you’ve pre-ordered this series, thanks for the vote of confidence! Twice as many people have pre-ordered Book 1 as have preordered the full series, which of course makes perfect sense. Hopefully the teaser at the end of the first book will appeal to everyone who reads the prelude story. We shall see!

This is the exact time when I feel nervous. Everything is finished and it’s just a matter of counting down the days …

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5 Comments Finished! For real this time

  1. Louise

    Congratulations! Looking forward to the new series. And I agree with everyone else, the covers are stunning!

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