Tuyo is free for the next five days

I realize most of you already have TUYO.

But for anyone who happens to drop by today and doesn’t, well, this is a good time to pick it up.

This is the first time I’ve had the chance to run a serious promotion for TUYO since TARASHANA came out, so I’m really (really) interested in how sales of TARASHANA will look over the next couple of weeks. And KU reads, too.

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3 thoughts on “Tuyo is free for the next five days”

  1. One extra nice thing about this, is that once you get the ebook from Amazon, you can get the audiobook from Audible for a reduced price.
    I normally buy all my ebooks from Kobo, as I really object to Amazon’s monopolistic and monopsonist policies, and my ereader needs epub files, not the Kindle mobi files, but this is such a good deal!

    I want to try to get some more audiobooks, but find I often bounce off the very American accents of the readers of some of my favorite books. This way I can try listening to the book, without having to not-buy 4 ebooks to compensate for the price.

    I do love the reader of the Touchstone books, she fits Cass perfectly.

  2. Hanneke, you are right, and I never thought about that before.

    From now on, that’s going to be something I think of when I see an ebook at a sale price — it may well be worth picking up just so I can then get the audio version at a reduced price, if there’s any reasonable chance I will want to.

    I need to think about getting the Touchstone trilogy in Audio. I have read that a LOT — twice last year! — so especially if the narrator is good, I may come back to listen to it over and over as well.

  3. Listening to the Touchstone audiobooks has been a real comfort to me this last year. I listened to the trilogy twice and went on to read the rest; I just started a third listen when I couldn’t fall asleep because my mind is too restless. It’s interesting enough to distract my squirrelly thoughts onto smoother and less enervating paths, and familiar enough that once my mind quiets down I can fall asleep with the book on a timer, knowing I can rewind a bit next evening to get the next 15 minutes (or if I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall asleep again, it helps me to at least rest my eyes and relax).

    Before, I used to distract myself by reading in bed, but I tended to stay awake longer and wake up with my eyes still a bit red in the morning. Listening in the dark with my eyes closed works a lot better, but only with a book I know well, where I can pick up the story at any point, and a voice I like and trust, and can relax in the presence of.

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