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Just out today at Audible:

Which means also available in audio format at Amazon.

A few things I will just mention:

a) If you already have the ebook, you will probably be offered a serious price break on the audio version.

You should be able to see audio versions of all the ebooks you currently own if you click on this Matchmaker link.

If that link doesn’t work, I’d like to know that, so I’d appreciate someone clicking on it and letting me know. I don’t believe you need an Audible membership for that to work, but I could be wrong — that’s one thing I’d like to know. I have an inactive Audible membership myself and a library of titles I picked up some time ago, but I don’t think you need that.

b) I have codes for the audio version of TUYO and now for NIKOLES, so if you’d like a free copy, I can provide that. I would appreciate your leaving a review at Audible for either title if you listen to it.

c) I love chapter 6 best. Aras sounds just perfect. Extremely authoritative. I mean, I wrote the whole story in order to get to that chapter and write that … conversation sounds too casual for this exchange … anyway, this was the part I had in my head that I really, really wanted to write. I’m so pleased Jeffrey got Aras exactly right.

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6 thoughts on “Now available in Audio”

  1. The Matchmaker link works for me and I don’t have Audible. Nikoles doesn’t show up on that list, however (and when I open the ebook in the Kindle app the “upgrade with audio” option isn’t in the menu, but I don’t know if it’s meant to be — I’ve opened a bunch of ebooks just now to see and it doesn’t appear for everything that has an audiobook option).

  2. Thank you, Herenya. Hmm. I’ve asked Amazon and Audible about this sort of thing, but I haven’t gotten an answer I actually understand. I’m buying the ebook of Nikoles myself now so that I can see what happens with the audiobook. Maybe it will pop up as a reduced-price option in the next few days or in a week. If not, I’ll see if I can frame a more clear question for Audible/Amazon and get a clearer answer about how this works.

  3. Kim, that was, of course, my clever plan …

    … but I have quite honestly listened to that chapter a zillion times.

  4. I finally clicked on the link, Nikoles did not show up for me either, although Tuyo did. Then I went to Amazon and found the audio book and it said I could buy for one credit & I had twelve, so I did. I mostly don’t use audible but i guess my account is still active.

  5. Thank you, Elaine. It’s helpful to triangulate on what Amazon and Audible are showing people. It’s a real puzzle, and so far I haven’t managed to ask a question about how this is handled that has elicited a helpful response. The people respond as though I’m asking as a reader, when what I want to know as an author is how all that works. Maybe they don’t know. I wonder if it’s some black box of an algorithm and there’s no decision process that can be explained. But then I wish they would say that.

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