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The view off my back deck

Spring! April 19th

Sudden return to winter! April 20th

I just realized I happened to be experimenting with the panorama function on my new phone’s camera at the right time to be able to post these contrasting pictures. You can actually still make out the nearest flowering dogwood, barely, even in the photo with the snow.

When I posted these pics on Facebook, a commenter pointed out that this looks quite a bit like two identical lands separated by a mystical river, which made me laugh!

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5 Comments The view off my back deck

  1. Elaine T

    And that is why lowland Californians should be careful about questioning scenes in books with spring mentioned as well as snow on the ground and flowers.

  2. Pete Mack

    My new house really needs some landscaping. There are nice hyacinths and daffodils blooming, but the privet/chainlink fence has got to go. It’s ugly, and it really wastes space. I have no idea how to get rid of privet, alas, and the fence itself is well-founded.

    Lovely pics.

  3. Rachel

    Pete: cut it down and spray the new shoots with brush killer or poison ivy killer? Not that I’ve tried that, but that’s what I’d try first.

  4. SarahZ

    My Alaska relatives are continually surprised every time I send a picture of the kids and they see how green it is – I think for them it’s still solidly winter (they’re pretty far north)

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