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Just letting you know — up for preorder on Amazon at this very moment:

I set the release date for May 15th. That’s a generous allowance of time to let me finish a final proofing run. I’m getting a clean paper copy for each book and reading it myself, in paper, with a pencil in my hand. This is not too tedious, as I still do like this story. Unfortunately, though I’m not finding that many actual typos — about three per hundred pages, which is in fact just about what I expected — I can’t help but make one million tiny changes to the text as I go. That means that making the corrections IS extremely tedious, but so it goes.

It’s a little odd to think that no one but me will notice these tiny changes. Yet the reason no one will notice them is because this sort of thing smooths out the text just that little bit more. Some of you might have noticed an occasional awkwardness of word choice or phrasing if I hadn’t made these final adjustments; who knows? I’ll tell myself you would have noticed and now you won’t and that’s why the extra two or three or four hours of work per book is worthwhile.

The actual typos I found in The Year’s Midnight included a missing period, quote marks turned the wrong way in three places, “iceberg” spelled “icberg,” and an obvious verb tense error. ALL of those errors were missed by a minimum of three different people, including “icberg,” which is frankly incredible. My hat is definitely off to professional copy editors.

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  1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to uploading the final-I-mean-final versions of manuscripts over the next couple of weeks!

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