Shakespeare adaptations of Marvels movies

Apparently not an early April Fool’s joke?

All Four ‘Avengers’ Movies Are Getting Shakespeare Adaptations

Marvel Studios and Quirk Books have announced that they are collaborating to release Shakespearean parodies of all four Avengers movies. Yes, you read that right. The AvengersAge of UltronInfinity War, and Endgame are being brought back to life in William Shakespeare’s Avengers: The Complete Works, iambic pentameter included. Avengers fans can expect entertaining easter eggs, dramatic soliloquies, and a witty yet faithful re-telling of their favorite superheroes.

Who saw that coming? Definitely not me!

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9 thoughts on “Shakespeare adaptations of Marvels movies”

  1. There’s a crazy guy who did Shakespeare adaptations of all 9 Star Wars movies, along with a parody of Trump. I checked his Amazon page recently and did see some Marvel as well. I found out about him via a_t_rain at AOC.
    She’s a huge Shakespeare aficionado, and a professor of literature. In another of her notes she says she found out about Bujold through a scholarly paper discussing Miles V as a vaporized Richard III, which is… pretty funny actually.

  2. And guess who the publisher is for the Shakespeare Star Wars?

    I read only the books for the first three, but they are rather good.

  3. Is there an audience for that? I guess those Star Wars ones were a thing – must have sold well

  4. Well, Pete, I did wonder what word autocorrect had turned into “vaporized.” Wouldn’t have guessed it, although I guess the “p” and “l” are close together, so it makes sense.

  5. I was wondering if vaporized was a euphemism for having been exposed to toxic vapors!

  6. Yeah I too went into an entirely fruitless exercise of trying to determine the conditions for vaporization. And I knew what I had actually typed in the first place!

  7. The Star Wars ones have a few issues where the necessary terminology is a bit odd, but he does it very well.

    And he discusses his decision. Like, for instance, what to do with Yoda when the necessary grammatical acrobatics to fit the meter make everyone sound a little bit like Yoda. (Answer: Haiku!)

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