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Elaine T mentions Barry Hughart’s Bridge of Birds as an example of a novel with a great ending. Yes, that’s true, and I’m glad you mentioned this book, Elaine, because I’ve recently started listening to a podcast that is essentially an informal, but quite good, reading of the book.

The podcast is Forgotten Classics.

Bridge of Birds, if you would like to listen to it, starts with episode 168 and goes from there through episode 191, but not quite inclusive, as other works are interspersed with this one.

After this, I will also listen to another book on this podcast — Rumer Godden’s China Court, which I read a long time ago and have forgotten practically everything about, except I know I liked it. I really enjoy Godden’s novels, some of the very few literary novels I’ve not only read, but tracked down and added to my library.

But first, I’m definitely looking forward to getting reacquainted with Number Ten Ox and Master Li.

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  1. Thank you for that link, she has a pleasant voice to listen to, and has read some classics I like.

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