Yes, you should tell me about typos

So, three of you (so far) have sent me an email to let me know about typos. Two of you wondered if it’s possible or a lot of trouble to correct typos after the book is published.

Yes, you should send me lists of typos you find, if you are so inclined. I greatly appreciate it. No, it isn’t much trouble to fix them. I just correct them, load the manuscript, check it quickly, and hit “publish.” About 12 hours later I get a “Your book has been published” notice, which means the corrected version is now the one that’s on Amazon’s site. As far as I know, there’s no interruption in the book’s availability.

In case you’re interested:

Tawen spotted five typos, four unique.

Elaine T spotted six typos, five unique.

Linda S queried thirty-five typos (!), thirty unique. A couple I decided to leave as-is. The others were true typos or I decided to change them as Linda suggested. Yes, despite Linda’s keen eye, both Tawen and Elaine spotted some that Linda missed.

*I* have spotted six more typos no one else seems to have noticed, plus a good dozen repeated words and phrases.

A good handful of these were already corrected in the paperback version, but — amazingly, or at least I am amazed — not in the kindle version. So obviously I fixed them in the paperback version and somehow did not get them fixed in the kindle version. That’s really maddening in a whole different way.

All of these should be corrected now, for values of “now” that include “as soon as KDP puts the changes through.” Tomorrow or in a few days, if you want to, you should be able to go to Amazon, click on “content and devices,” scroll down, find Tarashana, and hit the “updates available” button under the title. That ought to replace the current version you have on your device with the updated version. If there isn’t an “updates available” button available by the end of the week, you might let me know, since I think there ought to be.

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10 thoughts on “Yes, you should tell me about typos”

  1. That is very weird, Mike. I never change the way posts should show up, so … very weird. I will poke at that a bit and maybe kind of wait to see if it happens again.

  2. I have been waiting to order the paper version but I still don’t see it on Amazon. Have you released it yet? And, if so, where? Thanks.

  3. I know, Jeanine, it’s taking a little longer to finalize the cover than I expected. I am sorry about that! I would have held off on releasing the ebook if I had realized it would be this long. On the plus side, by the time the paperback is released, it should be VERY clean, with essentially no typos left, so there’s that.

  4. Oh no worries, just wanted to be sure I hadn’t missed it yet. I have plenty in my TBR pile to keep me occupied meanwhile!

  5. I’ve been having the same problem as Mike with the blog posts not showing up. I think it might be something to do with my browser cache. But I could be wrong. I was, once.

  6. Waves hand – I’ve been having the same problem Mike and Evelyn are having. It’s actually been better recently. Doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the browser cache as it happens in multiple browsers and even when I’ve cleared all history and caches.

  7. Once isn’t bad, Evelyn!

    I haven’t been able to see a problem myself, but I will pass that on to the people who actually maintain the site. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  8. FWIW it happened this morning. I didn’t see “progress report” until I clicked on the “character change” post to see if there were un-reported comments- which has also been happening. Then the progress report post showed up in the sidebar list, and was there when I went back to the main blog page.

    This was in Brave, my default browser. haven’t tried with the others yet.

  9. I’m making a note to mention this odd issue to the people who maintain the site. Maybe it’s a general issue with WordPress.

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