So much to do, so many books to write —

If you’ve already bought TARASHANA, thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

If you’ve already READ the book, wow, that was fast! I hope you enjoyed it.

I’ve spent the morning adding buy links to TUYO and NIKOLES and updating their endnotes to make it clear TARASHANA is now out. This is not at all difficult, but it’s a little tedious, plus I do have to preview each book to make sure I didn’t accidentally do something weird to the formatting.

Also, it’s tedious because I’ve decided on the title for Book 5, but forgot to change it in the “Also by” section, which meant loading and previewing each book yet again.

It’s odd to have titles already settled for books that I haven’t even started yet, but for a change, I do. The full TUYO series should be:

  1. Tuyo
  2. Nikoles
  3. Tarashana
  4. Keraunani
  5. Tasmakat

I expect you remember Tasmakat-an, who appeared briefly in Tuyo? I don’t know that she’ll be actually dead center for the fifth book, but she does have an important role. As a perk, using her name as the title means that all the books in the direct story line — the ones with Ryo telling the story in first person — have titles beginning with “T”.

No, I don’t know what the suffixes such as -an and -erra and so on actually mean. Obviously sometimes they’re attached to the name and sometimes not, so probably titles of some sort? But maybe something else. Eventually I’ll have to work that out, but no rush.

At the moment, I’m still planning to write Keraunani this year and release it probably early next year; then write part of Tasmakat this year, finish it next year, and release it either late next year or early in 2022. But of course all those things are subject to change because until the manuscript is basically complete, it’s hard to be sure when it will be finished.

It is amazing how thinking about things like this makes me feel that 2021 is practically over. The crocuses are just barely blooming, yet already I feel that the end of the year is speeding toward me.

Anyway, after the five-book series, is it possible I might write more books in this world? Yes — but almost certainly not with Ryo as the pov character. I see clearly how the story arc involving Ryo and Aras will continue and resolve, and I can’t see beginning a new arc with these two characters as the central protagonists. The story so far already includes multiple interesting and appealing characters that I could see picking up as protagonists, particularly Tano. There are also other secondary characters that could work, some you’ve met and some that you haven’t. So … don’t know, but it could happen. If I do write anything else in this world, it might be possible (and neat) to have Ryo and/or Aras turn up as secondary characters.

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5 thoughts on “So much to do, so many books to write —”

  1. Courney milan always seems to have all her titles ahead of time, which initially led me to think I had a lot more back catalogue to work through than there really was. I think she’s the exception, though.

  2. Speaking of the “Also by” section, your “books” section is missing your most recent books. (Copper Mountain is the latest.)

  3. Thanks, Pete; as soon as Tarashana is out in paper and everything, I’ll update that page.

  4. Ryo is such a great character, and I want so much for him to end up respected and in a position of great stature and responsibility with the Ugaro— a much higher position than Iro!!! But obviously he has more adventures with Aras in store, and I don’t see how you will resolve his continuing absence, his heroic nature, his relationship with Aras and the Ugaro, and an ending that wraps up everything in a good way. Of course, it may not turn out that way, but I look
    forward to it.

  5. I’m not a fan of series with tons of books. (Black Dog is an exception.) But if the other stories are short story collections, sure.

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