I just hit “Publish” on the ebook.

The paperback cover should be ready very soon and I’ll hit Publish on that one as soon as that cover is available.

KDP says it can take up to 72 hours for a new title to become available, but in practice, this usually is more like twelve hours. So … I bet by this afternoon.

Update: yep, it’s available now! I hope you all enjoy it!

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10 thoughts on “Tarashana”

  1. I had just remembered that yesterday you said you’d be publishing very soon, so I checked. It was available for sale. Bought, downloaded, began to read. Then pets needed attention and supplies, which is why I’m at the computer instead of reading.

  2. Oh, cool, so it is! I haven’t even gotten the “your book has been published” email yet. But there it is! Yay!

  3. YAY! I needed some good news today and here it is. Off to buy it (and talk it up on Twitter!)

  4. I just bought it! So excited….. I’ve been saving Nikoles till this came out, so I could reread Tuyo and binge ’em all together. But my dilemma is: Do I listen to the Tuyo audiobook or read it? I haven’t listened to the audiobook yet. I feel like audiobooks are a richer experience for me because it slows me down and forces me to take time for ALL the words. But to know I have the next two books waiting – will I have the patience…. Life is difficult.

  5. Loved it. Particularly the first part. Ryo is one of my favorite characters ever. I’m a little sad that it’s over, and a little sad at the ending.

  6. Mary Anderson … I don’t know! I personally really like the audio version a lot. But audio IS slow compared to reading!

    Alison, wow, you read the whole thing already? All I can tell you is, I’ll have the 4th and 5th books out as soon as possible, hopefully both next year, but I do expect the 5th book — the next direct sequel — to go long. Again.

    Thank you, everyone who’s bought Tarashana and I hope you all love the story!

  7. I did. Ryo is very good company.

    BTW, did you know obsidian isn’t always black? Ryo clearly doesn’t. :-) One of your descriptions in this had rainbow obsidian cross my mind. It’s found here in California, I suspect it’s not common.

  8. I did, Elaine, though I usually forget about that! As you’ve guessed, I forgot about that here, though now that you mention this, I remember once seeing an onyx chess set where the pieces were, of course, different colors. But, fine! Ryo hereby thinks obsidian is always black.

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