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Tarashana cover

Okay! Here’s the cover —

At the very last second, I remembered to add three bright stars near the moon. These are, of course, the Dawn Sisters, which are referred to in TUYO and then mentioned quite a few times in TARASHANA.

Also, I will just mention I added two or three sentences this morning because I realized I ought to, in order to clear up a potential “But how about this?” response to events that might happen later. I may be hitting “publish” on the ebook version as early as this afternoon. The paperback should follow in a few days. Then at last I will finally be able to stop myself from continually fiddling with this book.

My goodness, I am looking forward to releasing this book so much.

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8 Comments Tarashana cover

  1. Rachel

    Well, Mary Beth, I can be quite certain you will definitely love it! The question is, how many of the changes will you notice? Some, sure, but there are an awful lot of very small tweaks as well as biggish things. I have to think carefully to remember what actually changed because I’m much more familiar with the most current version. Let me see … oh, the one longish conversation between Ryo and Lalani is longer now. You’ll notice that for sure.

  2. Pete Mack

    So I’ve wondered from the start: how much is this world inspired by Steles of the Sky? I started a reread just this past weekend. I am amazed all over again at what a tour de force it is. Easily worthy of Le Guin. (Whom my mother discovered a few years back at the young age of 80, after dissing SF for the previous 79. Somehow she’d forgotten the word “allegory”. I was quietly amused by her description of anthropological SF as a new discovery.)

  3. Rachel

    Almost nothing, Pete. At the same time, a lot.

    The way the sky is different depending on which country you’re in — that was the direct inspiration for the different climates depending on which country you’re in. So that was one tiny detail that caused a huge impact on worldbuilding.

  4. Amara

    I’ve been so excited about this release since you announced it, and this gorgeous cover is just making it better!

    Tuyo was legitimately one of my favorite reads of last year, and I can’t wait to see how you continue things.

  5. Kim Aippersbach

    Gorgeous! Love the tiny black birds in the sky with the white stars. What a great artist.

    The fuzzy green … leaves? make me think of shades, and the dark band of rock is sort of the way I imagined the black tide.

  6. Rachel

    Kim, for the TUYO cover, I specifically said, “Plus I love the little birds.” Every since, each cover has had a flock of little tiny birds … which, yes, I still love.

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