Unexpected progress report

So, we had three snow days in a row this past week, which means:

a) I finished revising the Tarashana manuscript, which is now ready for me to send it out for proofreading. Some of you will get those requests today. No rush whatsoever! I can’t see myself bringing this book out before April. But I think this is a really good story and I hope you all enjoy it.

b) I did a bit of revision of The Year’s Midnight and I’m now ready to put the story into the KDP template and then load the final version plus the cover, so yay! Serious progress there. I will then get a proof copy and go over that one more time, by which I mean, I will ask my mother to go over it. She has a very good eye for typos.

c) I could not do any revision for Death’s Lady II or III because, argh, the laptop I am using cannot look at .doc files properly. I will now, today, at work, create .docx files which that laptop’s crappy, stripped-down word processing program will be able to handle.

d) But! Since I was finished with (a) and (b) and couldn’t do (c), I obviously had NO CHOICE but to start revising Invictus according to the notes I took a couple of weeks ago. This is the sort of thing where one very slowly and carefully spends about two hours revising the first three paragraphs of the story, BUT it is also the sort of thing that I enjoy doing, as long as I like the story in the first place. The revision I have in mind is working fine, although this first part is going so slowly.

With luck I will be able to / have no choice but to put Invictus aside and work on Death’s Lady II and III this weekend. With REAL luck, I will get all the minor revisions and proofing done for that this weekend. That would be fabulous, but it may be a tiny bit optimistic.

By the way, TUYO is free today and through the weekend. This is the last time it will be free for a couple-three months because that’s how KDP free days work; five possible free days per three-month period. So, hey, if you think of someone who might like the book, this is the time to send them a free copy!

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