The Year’s Midnight

The full cover:

I think all the details have been taken care of, and thank you particulaly to those of you who pointed out the “y” in lady looked like a “t.”

As you see, the sword is more prominent, so that should say FANTASY clearly enough, especially since the sword is referenced in the first paragraphs of the story.

I have to say, with that full moon and the sword, I really think any human figure, especially a woman, would indeed scream URBAN FANTASY, so I’m glad I went for an ambiguously eerie scene with a sword instead. The other two covers should be more fantasy and less literary, yet consistent with this, so that’ll be a challenge.

I am proofing this story today, by the way, with a tiny bit of revision as I go. We are currently watching ice fall out of the sky, so it’s a good thing I have stuff I can do from home. There goes the grit truck! But I will stay in and not test the roads personally.

This is our second snow day this week. Yesterday I finished revising Tarashana, so I am happy to say things are moving right along! In fact, everything is moving along so well that, barring disaster, I kinda think I will most likely release this trilogy in March and Tarashana possibly as early as April and probably not later than May. That will certainly clear a large chunk of the year to work on other things. I don’t mind this finishing work, but I am looking forward to that!

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8 thoughts on “The Year’s Midnight”

  1. Can I say again, I’m impressed by the cover artists you’ve been finding. This one, the more so because they’re very professional in quickly responding to your concerns.

  2. One very minor thing. Your name looks odd, especially ‘eie’. Possibly monospace setting of variable width italic? Or possibly the ‘i’ isn’t italic–it isn’t parallel to the other verticals.

  3. I think that’s an illusion caused by the “i” being between two curvy “e’s.” I didn’t really notice … I think I am not as sensitive to fonts as some of you!

  4. Those are good suggestions, Kim. We’ll see! I suggested something that shows a modern scene on one side and a fantasy landscape on the other, with a veil of some kind in between, and a sword — but I’ll have to see what the artist comes up with.

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