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Okay, so, I expect you may well have noticed when I mentioned that The Sphere of the Winds is now available — most available, and I *am* sorry I didn’t just hit “publish now” rather than “preorder” because that extra week to make the Kindle ebook available is annoying. Still, it’s only one extra week.

So, (a) Sphere is now out, more or less, and anyway there’s nothing I have to do about it now other than mention it around on social media.

(b) I spent three hours on Saturday looking at new-to-me book promotion sites and setting up another free book promotion for Tuyo. This one will run from the 12th to the 14th and that will be it for setting this particular book free for a few months. I think it’ll be, what, three months before I can set it free again? I can, of course, do some other kind of promotion. Anyway, I’m trying out, let me see, four less-expensive book promotion services and then I’ll see how the results stacks up against Freebooksy by itself. I also set up a $0.99 promotion for Black Dog for the first week of March through yet another promotion service, this one rather different. We’ll see how that goes.

(c) I finished the first pass through the difficult part of the Tarashana revision. Yippee!

For this week,

d) Check my bulleted revision list and do whatever detail work I haven’t yet dealt with. Read through everyone’s comments about Tarashana to make sure I haven’t missed anything important. Read over revised scenes to catch whatever I missed the first time through. I’m sure there will be something. There always is. I sort of think I will be ready to send this manuscript to proofreaders toward the end of this week, which will be fantastic. I am honestly now thinking I will be able to bring this out possibly as early as April and probably no later than May.

e) Do the minimal amount of revision still necessary for the Death’s Lady series, and thank you to Kristi for nudging me to strengthen some worldbuilding elements. Get the emails from people who have sent me lists of typos and fix those. Work with the cover artist, who will probably be sending me something to look at in the next couple of days. Decide where exactly to break the second from the third book and put the second into a KDP template to see how many pages that will be, so I can let the cover artist know about that. Everything but the revision will be SO TEDIOUS. Well, and except looking at the cover art. Anyway, this and (d) will probably take most of my time this week.

f) I bet I see the first draft of the cover for Tarashana sometime toward the end of this week too. With, yes, definitely an eagle!

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