Out now, or very nearly

Okay! The Sphere of the Winds is now available for preorder as a Kindle ebook. I said “preorder for release on the 8th,” but, sorry, either my finger hit the wrong date or Amazon doesn’t like preorder dates that close to release dates or something, because Amazon put it up as “preorder for release on the 15th.” Well, one week more or less isn’t that important, I’m telling myself, so I’m not going to try to fiddle with it. The 15th it is, and you can order it now if you wish.

Meanwhile, the paperback version moved ahead rather briskly and is available right now, so this is one of those odd times when, for the next week, it will actually be possible to get the paperback more quickly than the ebook.

I also just hit Publish at Draft to Digital, so Sphere will also become widely available throughout the next week or so as it goes live on one platform after another.

As a side note, I’m pleased that Random House had set The Floating Islands ebook at the inviting price of $4.99. I hope they leave it there, or at least don’t put it higher.

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5 thoughts on “Out now, or very nearly”

  1. Just bought the paperback – and thanks for making that an option, as I am one of those unusual souls who still likes having a hard copy of most things . . . in case the power goes out or my tech dies on me. I’m looking forward to the continued adventures of Araene and Trei!

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