Tenai trilogy: pretty sure these are the titles

Okay, I have somewhat reluctantly decided to go with Death’s Lady as the series name. Even though I personally dislike this style of title, it fits the series and is easy to say and remember. That means the titles will be:

  1. Death’s Lady, Book 1: The Year’s Midnight
  2. Death’s Lady, Book 2: Of Absence, Darkness
  3. Death’s Lady, Book 3: As Shadow, a Light

I will use the word “prelude” in the back cover copy of Book 1 and use the endnotes, as well as perhaps the back cover copy for the later books, to clarify the structure of the trilogy.

I should probably also collect these in an omnibus version, sigh. I just thought of that. I wonder if the cover artist would give me a discount for an omnibus cover?

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4 thoughts on “Tenai trilogy: pretty sure these are the titles”

  1. Death’s Lady is kind of perfect, and I think it’s different enough from other Possessive’s Woman titles that it almost ironically comments on them. You can tell she ain’t someone to mess with!

  2. Well, great! I will definitely assure people that this title is an ironic comment on the Possessive’s Woman genre of fantasy titles. I’ll practice sounding really sincere when I say that.

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