The Sphere of the Winds

Well, the cover is coming right along. I love the version the artist sent me this morning, so I think we’re nearly there.

That means I better think about back cover copy. Good thing I’ve now read through most of the manuscript so the story is fresh in my mind.

How about this …

The Floating Islands are under seige.

Trei, Araene, and their friends saved the Floating Islands once, thwarting the Toulonn Empire’s attempt at conquest. But everyone knows the Toulonese haven’t given up, and the same trick certainly won’t work a second time … especially when the Islands unexpectedly lose their special connection to dragon magic.

Then it turns out that Toulonn is not the only, or the worst, enemy the Floating Islands face. As peril mounts, Trei, with his connection to Toulonn, and Araene, with her gift for an unusual style of magic, will need all their strength and resolve if they are to once again find a way to safeguard the Islands.

What do you all think? How does that sound?

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12 thoughts on “The Sphere of the Winds”

  1. I’m glad you like it, Mona, because it took FOREVER to write! I bet it was an average of five minutes per word, including “a” and “the.”

  2. I’m excited this is going to be in our hands so soon! I like that the tone is consistent with giving us information about where they are now, what happened in the past, what they might be facing – though that sentence about the islands losing their dragon magic felt more intense (like really intense) to me than the rest.

  3. well, since all I need was “more floating islands” the back cover copy seems irrelevant….but trying to be helpful, does peril “mount” or does it “grow?” I checked google books, and grows seems to be more common….I would also scratch “everyone knows” which doesn’t seem to be doing much, and maybe get rid of “gift for.” And maybe put “once again” at the end…..

  4. I like it…I appreciate when back cover copy doesn’t give too much of the plot away. Though is it Toulonn/Toulonese or Tolounn/Tolounnese? My Kindle version of Floating Islands has the second.

  5. Toulon is a largish city in France (165000 citizens), the capital city of the southern departemant Var, on the Mediterranian coast between Spain and Italy.

    I hope yours is Tolounn, but it explains the other spelling seeming right and familiar!

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