Posting will be lightish

Merry Christmas!

Photo by Chris Maddon on Unsplash

I will say that again later, but for me, Christmas Break start tomorrow, so posting will be light for the next month. I have some posts scheduled and I will be checking in via my phone and perhaps doing some very short posts that way. But mainly, I will be a hermit, tucked away with many spaniels and possibly some hot chocolate, plus my laptop.

Lots to work on! And I guess there’s a holiday embedded in this break somewhere as well, which I will probably notice when it arrives.

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4 thoughts on “Posting will be lightish”

  1. Merry Christmas! Here on the East Coast, it will be a white one: we got 18″ of fluffy powder from late last night until about 2 hours ago. Everyone in the neighborhood was getting exercise–shoveling, snowshoeing, or sledding. And I shot a few nice photos of sunset.

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