Best animal photos of 2019

Thought you might like this: National Geographic’s best animal photos from 2019.

It’s hard to beat the tigers. But that orphaned giraffe with its keeper probably manages.

I will add that most of these pictures are fine, but one is not fine. If someone is going to include a miserable or tortured animal in a photo lineup of great animal pictures, I would appreciate a warning. If you click through, that one is picture #24 out of #28.

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6 thoughts on “Best animal photos of 2019”

  1. Artistically, it’s the treehopper on a red leaf. Just a stunning photo. After that, the musk oxen are a dramatic picture, and the woman in red with a giraffe for kawaii.
    For unexpected: either giant salamander eating a snake, or view of a wolf from inside a carcass.

    Excellent pictures

  2. When I went to Alaska I got to feel how soft musk oxen yarn is – super expensive, but sooo comfy. If money weren’t a consideration I’d definitely have a musk oxen wool scarf

  3. That’s a great little critter, Hanneke! I’d heard of it, I think, but I didn’t know they were photosynthetic. My first thought was: how? But I see they liberate chloroplasts from algae they eat and put them to good use. Wonderful and fascinating!

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