Female detectives in books and movies

So, looks like The Passive Guy is on a roll. Recent posts:

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Why do we enjoy reading about female detectives?

No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

Jane Tennison

20 Greatest Fictional Female Detectives and Sleuths

So, okay, that’s a theme.

I liked No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency quite a bit, but had no idea the series was up to 21 books. Wow. I only read the first one. In fact, I think that was the only one at the time I read it. More recently, I liked the Tannie Maria series a lot. The books in the latter series include an emphasis on cooking, almost guaranteed to appeal to me.

I haven’t clicked through to read the post about Why We Enjoy Reading About Female Detectives, but one reason some readers probably do is that cozy mysteries are essentially a subgenre of romance as well as a subgenre of mysteries. That might not be relevant to the linked post, because in cozies, the female detective is an amateur sleuth, not a professional detective. Nevertheless, if someone (a) likes mysteries, and (b) wants something low-stress to read, then cozy mysteries that follow romance tropes and are guaranteed to have a happily-ever-after or a happily-for-now ending are going to appeal to that person.

I’m currently reading, and enjoying very much, Nathan Lowell’s The Wizard’s Butler. But for the rest of the year, and probably some time to come, I expect cozy mysteries and romances and so on are going to be filtering up to the top of my TBR pile.

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2 thoughts on “Female detectives in books and movies”

  1. Now I kinda want to read “The Female Detective.” But I so fear it’ll be awful, like essentially all detective stories before Conan Doyle first demonstrated how to do it.
    And I mean awful: we have some really old detective stories at our summer cottage. There is good reason my great grandparents relegated those particular old books to the summer camp, circa 1925.

    And back then it really was a camp. The (nonpotable) water came from a pipe from the intermittent stream across the road. It didn’t really become a cottage til 1993, when my parents put hot water came in, and the horrible old galley kitchen was replaced.

  2. I didn’t know that the No.1 Ladies detective agency was filmed for a TV season!
    I’ve now ordered the set on DVD.

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