BLACK DOG is free this weekend

I expect a lot of you regular commenters here already have a copy, but just in case, BLACK DOG is free today through November 3rd.

Happy Halloween!

Photo by Dan Gold at Unsplash

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4 thoughts on “BLACK DOG is free this weekend”

  1. Much appreciated! This is Kindle only, though? Just checking because I didn’t see it available at B&N. Thanks!

  2. When I checked Amazon, the book was in Kindle Unlimited but if you wanted to buy it the price was around $5.00.
    Was it supposed to be free when you put it out?

    I tried putting a book on sale on Amazon once. The price never went down. I wrote to Amazon’s customer service and got a cheery response saying “Yes, you’re right! The book is supposed to be on sale right now. Thanks for contacting Amazon!”

    And no, the price never budged.

    But on the plus side, I much enjoyed Copper Mountain :)

  3. Black Dog looks free to me on Kindle, just as it should, Evelyn, so I hope there is no broad problem.

    Glad you enjoyed Copper Mountain!

    Sorry, Jeanine, I should have said, this is a Kindle countdown, so yes, only Kindle.

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