Copper Mountain

Just a head’s up —

I’m heading over to KDP to hit “Publish” for Copper Mountain right now. This book should be available tomorrow, or Oct 31st or at the very latest, November 1st.

I hope you enjoy it!

Those of you who provided editorial comments, THANK YOU — you made me do a lot of extra clean-up work, resulting in a dramatically better book.

Those of you who read for typos, THANK YOU — you improved the reading experience dramatically for all readers. I believe the mean number of unique errors caught per reader was fifteen point something. I don’t know how many errors you caught altogether, but a lot.

Here, by the way, is the cover:

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8 thoughts on “Copper Mountain”

  1. I bet, Pete! You’ll probably notice a few changes, but by the time you read it, the story was close to the finished form.

  2. So I haven’t gotten as much done as I wanted today, but whatever, science can wait a day.

    Very well-edited book as far as an over-eager reader can tell, and nitpicking but I’m OCD about this: you have “por example” where you want “por ejemplo” towards the end.

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