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So, a week or two ago I mentioned that Lynn, of Lynn’s Book Blog, had picked out TUYO as one of ten books to consider as semifinalists for the SPFBO.

Her review for TUYO went up this morning, the last of the ten to be reviewed. I’m happy to say it’s a thoroughly positive review.

As the story begins to unfold and Ryo and Aras learn more of each other’s customs it becomes apparent that a third party is actually a bigger risk to the Lau and the Ugaro and in order to survive the two may have to overcome their mutual distrust.

To be honest that last part encapsulates so much of what makes this book a good read. The Ugaro and the Lau are so very different and the author does a really good job of getting across the culture and lifestyles of both.  It’s these very differences of course that cause fear and distrust and this is a winning element of the story – watching the gradual change as both characters learn more about each other’s way of life.

Lynn will start narrowing the ten to real semifinalists later this week and then pick one finalist.

Some of the other bloggers have picked out their one finalist already, others are still narrowing down their list. Let me see … okay, here is Mark Lawrence’s continually updated post showing who’s picking which semifinalist and finalist. That’s very helpful.

Fantasy Faction has picked out four semifinalists, including Patrick Samphire’s Shadow of a Dead God.

Fantasy Faction narrowed their choices down and then chose a book that sounds more SF than fantasy (but does sound promising: The Combat Codes.

RockStarlit BookAsylum finally chose Black Stone Heart as their finalist.

Book Nest picked out The Lost War

The Weatherwax Report narrowed their choices to four semifinalists and finally chose a book called Last Memoria.

Looks like about half the bloggers are still sorting out their finalists … I bet a lot of decisions will get made this week. Wish TUYO luck!

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6 thoughts on “SPFBO review of TUYO”

  1. Oh! That combat codes book was written by someone my husband knows from the gym – both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts.

    Good luck on your bracket!

  2. Wow, Sarah, small world! I’ve picked up a sample of that one because it sounds like a lot of fun plus, from the comments in the reviews, he’s got to be writing fight scenes that are realistic — I’m thinking this book could be a helpful crib sheet for some kinds of fight scenes.

  3. picks up a sample of Combat Codes.

    Thinks the dead god title looks familiar… yep, didn’t finish the sample. Didn’t care.

    Good luck with Tuyo’s reader!

  4. And I see this morning that Tuyo has been correctly selected as a semi finalist. Congratulations!

  5. Mary Beth, yes, I checked early this morning and cheered! Thank you, and now I’m SO hoping Lynn will put TUYO forward as a real finalist. We’ll see!

  6. Elaine, yes, Shadow of a Dead God is very well written, but unfortunately not my cup of tea. I ought to skim forward to the end and see how it comes out, though — if I like the ending enough, I might go back and read the whole thing.

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