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I’ve linked to this before, but forgot what it was called and haven’t looked at it for a good long time.

It’s a neat way of graphically representing “If you like this author, there’s a good chance you also like these authors.”

One funny detail: It’s a bit surprising “Michelle West” is so far away from “Michelle Sagara” — assuming they are really the same author.

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9 thoughts on “The Literature Map”

  1. This is so cool! What a great way to find new authors.

    I wonder if the names are moving around because people are voting all the time. (On one map T. Kingfisher was moving slowly across the bottom of the screen, as if she were trying to sidle out of the room with no one noticing!)

  2. Sagara and WEst are the same, I’ve got some books with her name as Michelle Sagara West. Her website is clear about it, too.

  3. That is a weird cluster. Yes, most of them I like. But why only one male writer? Surely Garth Nix belongs on there more than Zelazny? And I don’t think your writing is much like Niccola Griffith’s.

  4. Also off topic/returning to earlier posts, I just read the new Return of the Thief book, and liked it a lot. It makes a fine ending to that series.

    I also read the new book by Michelle Sagara, set in her Elantra universe, but with a different protagonist. It’s the start of Severn’s career with “The Emperor’s Wolves”, and I liked his voice and viewpoint. His reserve and inner quiet are more restful for me to read than Kaylin’s voice in the extant “Cast in …” series (which, while exiting, is also younger, more angry and angsty, especially in the earlier books of that series), and she is planning to continue with one or two more books from Severn’s viewpoint. This might give you a better starting point into her Elantra writing as Michelle Sagara than any of the Cast in … books, seeing as you already bounced off the first one.

  5. Was browsing on there, and there’s separate tags for “Patricia Briggs” and “Patrica Briggs” – wonder what data set this is based on

  6. I just poked at it myself. I recognize a lot of the names as ones you or commenters have mentioned as enjoying.

    With Sarah I wonder where the info comes from, as there are two entries for Hodgell, as well as Briggs.
    And color me surprised McKillip is so far away. I wonder if the source has a bias towards more recent authors?
    I count five male names.

  7. One last off-topic thing.
    I just read C.J. Cherryh’s latest blogpost.
    She explained that she’s been quiet on her blog Wave without a shore because she’s been undergoing treatment for colon cancer. She’s cancer-free now, but still has negative effects from the treatment in her hands and feet, making typing difficult, so she will still not be posting very often, but she is (slowly) getting back to normal.
    Her next book (after the one that just came out) will be delayed, so probably there won’t be a Cherryh book coming out in 2021, as she and Jane have not been able to work on it for 8 months.

  8. Ouch, Hanneke, thanks for letting us know, and I hope CJC gets all the way back to normal soon!

    Also, thanks for your comments on the new Elantra book, I think I will give that one a try … picking up a sample now.

    I think the Literature Map gained data as people typed in the authors they liked, and to whatever extent those people were more aware of recent fiction, that’s what would have been used to build the map. It would be nice if a curator had gone through to remove duplicates like “Patrica” and “Patricia” McKillip and so on, but evidently that doesn’t happen. It’s still a fun map to look at, though.

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