The best animal photographs of the year

I don’t know whether you have to register to see these photos, but here’s the National Geographic slideshow of the best animal photos of the year.

The Siberian tiger that won first place is not my favorite. I think it won because tigers are cool and Siberian tigers extra cool, but still, I wouldn’t have put that photo up for first place out of this batch of great photos.

The one with the grebes is possibly my favorite.

The wasp one is amazing.

That Pallas cat photo is going to take the internet by storm, or at least it ought to. That’s the best picture of Pallas cats I’ve ever seen, for sure.

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1 thought on “The best animal photographs of the year”

  1. I’m not registered and I could see them. I agree, the photo of the grebes is stunning, and the Pallas cats are very cute. They look like a nest of young teen cats to me, nearly ready to go out on their own, but still quite attached to their siblings and loving to play together.
    I also liked the Andean white arnica, the volcano, and the underwater pictures (the tiny octopus is cute), and the serene portrait of the long-nosed monkey.

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