SPFBO update

So, just noting that TUYO is one of the ten books my book blogger is moving forward. So it’s not a semifinalist yet, but it’s a … presemifinalist? Antesemifinalist?

What would that be, an antepenultimate finalist?

Anyway, I expect almost everything depends now on the personal taste of this particular book blogger. How stressful!

Too bad the version she got didn’t have the new cover —

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2 thoughts on “SPFBO update”

  1. Oh good news! I’d been hoping/expecting it would but will continue keeping my fingers crossed and talking up TUYO to anyone who will listen. (The enemies-huddling-for-warmth-in-a-snow-cave scene has sold quite a few copies!)

    Repeating that I LOVE the new cover. Will Nikoles be getting a matching one?

  2. Thank you, Mary Beth! And yes, shortly. I should be seeing the rough draft in a week or so.

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