TUYO makeover

So, while I was at it, I also found a different cover artist for TUYO. What I wanted was a much more epic-fantasy cover, something that would really evoke the broader landscape. Here’s the new cover, which I should soon be putting on the ebook and paperback.

I’ll show you paperback cover, which gives you the biggest sweep of scenery:

The audio cover — the audio version is still being recorded — but I will show you that cover too, because this square audio cover gives us a slightly closer, more detailed look:

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7 thoughts on “TUYO makeover”

  1. This cover does just what you wanted it to, I think. Really pretty, and shows clearly what’s different about this world.

  2. Thanks, Robert, it’s much more what I wanted. Sweeping! Landscape! With a tiger as eye candy.

  3. I agree. This cover is a substantial improvement. The Black Dog ones, I liked both, but this one I think is just clearly better than the prior one.

  4. I really, REALLY like this cover. A stronger concept, I think, and also some real skill in the artwork!

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