Okay, this is fun:

Supermassive Black Holes Might Really Be ‘Traversable’ Wormholes, Astrophysicists Suggest

Of course they are. We knew that already. How else would we be able to have a proper space opera universe?

Neuralink: Elon Musk unveils pig with chip in its brain

The device the company is developing consists of a tiny probe containing more than 3,000 electrodes attached to flexible threads thinner than a human hair, which can monitor the activity of 1,000 brain neurons.

If we’re in the right (or wrong) SF world, then in ten years we’ll be seeing a headline about the accidental creation of superintelligent pigs who interface with one another via the chips in their brains.

Russian Scientists Battled A Seemingly Intelligent Creature Under The Antarctic Ice, Claims This Report

You know it’s true because they named the creature “organism 46-B.” Who would make that up, am I right?

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