Copper Mountain

Oh, look, in order to proceed with the KDP process, I need back cover description for Copper Mountain!

Since this is the 4th novel in the series, it hardly seems necessary to go overboard with the description. Probably relatively few people will look at this book unless they already know they like the series. Still, let me just see here … short, pithy, reasonably accurate …

Here’s my first try at back cover copy:

There’s a demon asleep beneath Copper Mountain in Colorado. Sooner or later, it’s going to wake up.

Colonel Herrod of the Special Forces has more than one plan for dealing with the demon. Unscrupulous black witches hope to use long-forgotten magic to harness its power. But Miguel Toland is pretty sure that no matter what else might happen, eventually Dimilioc is going to have to deal with that demon . . . and it looks like that means he’s going to have to deal with it himself.

No matter what the cost.

An unusually large number of you have read a version of this book, so you may well be able to offer educated opinions about how to improve the above description.

If you read any version of this story, you’re in the acknowledgements, but let me just mention that I REALLY appreciate your comments about this manuscript. Your feedback caused me to delete, add or alter many scenes; smooth out a whoooole bunch of details; and (as always) clear out innumerable typos. COPPER MOUNTAIN is a much stronger story because of your input. Thank you all!

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6 thoughts on “Copper Mountain”

  1. IIRC, it was something about switching the order so the witches were mentioned first, then the colonel, thus leading from the general to the specific to the very specific, i.e. Miguel.

    It’s a good blurb. I was just being picky.

  2. Turns out “Copper Mountain ” might be an unfortunate choice of names. When I went to post a review on Goodreads, I found 159 hits, nearly all of them an eponymous series of steamy romances. Adding Neumeier solved it. But whew.

  3. Too late, Pete! But, whoops, too bad I didn’t think of googling the title before I used it. Honestly, there really IS a Copper Mountain with a Copper Mountain resort at the right place; that’s why I put the demon there. I have no idea why everyone else picked that title.

    As soon as the cover’s available, I’ll put it on Goodreads, unless someone else gets to it first.

    Thanks for your comments, especially Evelyn, because that’s a good suggestion. I’ll swap those elements around.

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