Pippa Update

Three weeks since Pippa started on phenobarb!

Yesterday, I wasn’t super happy with her progress. She seemed disoriented or visually compromised (or both) all morning, though my mother says she seemed better in the afternoon.

Today, she seemed quite a bit better; some disorientation or visual problems this morning, but not nearly as much as yesterday; plus her eye was looking more fully open and normal; plus she plainly saw and responded to big objects. I don’t know if there’s going to be some fluctuation or if she’s doing plateaus followed by sudden improvements or what — both possibilities seem supported by some of what I observe.

She went for a walk with the other older dogs this morning; she’s capable of going for slow walks, thought not yet able to trot. We’ll see what another week brings! MOST dogs, my vet tells me, are fully acclimated to phenobarb by the time they’ve been taking it for a month. I don’t really know whether she’ll really recover to her former level or not, but, well, here’s hoping.

Pippa, as a young dog, extremely photogenic.

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