Tuyo #2: NIKOLES

Well, I meant to have this out last week, but circumstances intervened.

However, I’ve just hit “publish” for the second book of the TUYO series, which is — you remember — actually a prequel. Although Amazon says it can take up to 72 hours to make a book available, in practice it never seems to be that long, so I’d bet this story is actually available tomorrow.

As you know, this is a prequel story. It’s a short novel, a little under 80,000 words, about half the length of TUYO. It’s also in third person rather than first.

The direct sequel to TUYO, in first person from Ryo’s point of view, will probably come out next year. The title is TARASHANA, and an excerpt from the first chapter is included at the end of NIKOLES. If you don’t recall, the Tarashana are the people who live north of the winter country, the people who are all mysteriously gone. Ryo refers to them briefly toward the beginning of TUYO. We are going to find out what happened there.

At this point, I can already say that TARASHANA will be another long novel. I have another direct sequel in mind that will let me show you all the summer country in more detail — and maybe part of the country to the south of the summer lands, the country with two Suns. I would not be surprised if I wind up with a series in which long first-person novels in a direct series are interspersed with shorter third-person novels from a variety of points of view.

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5 thoughts on “Tuyo #2: NIKOLES”

  1. Great! Mostly great. I will make sure it is linked to its proper series and see if that pulls it up when my name alone is the search term.

  2. It’s not yet up on Kobo, I’ll try again tomorrow.

    The other file should have arrived in your email this week, if you have connectivity.

    How is Pippa doing?

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