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So, this week I’m going to be distracted and busy. Just letting you know in case I semi-vanish for a week or so.

The problem is, Pippa’s prognosis is potentially very good, but right at the moment she is having a dreadful time. She has an eye injury that should get better, but it has been getting worse rather than healing, so she is now getting two different kinds of eyedrops, one for each eye, but at the moment she is basically blind.

Also, following an atypical seizure type of thing last week and a whoooooole lot of continual mini-seizures that followed, I started her on phenobarb, which flipped the seizures off like magic, but she is seriously uncoordinated and woozy as well as blind.

So if the eye starts to heal and she has time to adjust to the phenobarb, she will be back to normal in ten days or two weeks or at least something fairly close to a reasonable time period. But right now, not so great.

Classes are presumably starting next week and I’ve GOT to get stuff done for that too, so, well, posting here may be light. I do really appreciate your comments on the back cover copy, which I will seriously revise as soon as possible.

Pippa will hopefully be looking this alert and agile in another ten days or two weeks, but right now she can’t even walk in a straight line

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12 thoughts on “Posting may be light”

  1. I hope the medicines start to work and she gets better quickly.
    Is your school practicing safe social distancing? Or could you take your classes out on the playground, under a tree or somewhere like that? Transmission happens a lot less outside, if people keep five feet distance and don’t sneeze, cough, shout or sing droplets at each other.

    IIRC you’re a biology teacher, so some form of fieldwork might be possible even if the school hasn’t switched to outdoor learning. Or is it way too hot for that, where you live?

  2. The school is attempting to practice safe distancing and is also requiring masks. It’s been a real headache, I understand, trying to sort classes into the biggest rooms possible and space the students out. We’ll see how it goes, but cases have remained low-ish in our county so far.

  3. Woah. Steampunk dream this AM. I was in an old-fashioned library reading original typerwritten documents from founding members of the US Air Force, who flew pedal-powered aircraft–basically hang gliders–in 1826. They carried rifles, in a war with, well, I am not sure whom. I didn’t get much further in my research because the librarian kept interrupting, asking how long I would be. Then, alas, I woke up.

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