That’s a lot of caper movies. I see this is an accompanying post to their previous effort to rank the top fifty heist movies.

Here’s how Crime Reads defines the two different subgenres:

The Caper sub-genre features films which are (overall) lighter and wittier than the standard Heist movie. While characters in Capers also frequently pursue large sums of shadily-acquired money or other items of value, these films are not necessarily about the acts of committing robberies, as Heist films always are. This is important, so I’ll repeat it: for a film to be a heist movie, items have to be literally stolen. In a caper, items may be stolen, but they don’t have to be; there can be swindling and cons and money-laundering and other forms of theft. 

Sure, sounds plausible, I certainly won’t argue.

In last place, #35 is The Hustle. Here’s the beginning of the comment: It would have been a huge relief if The Hustle, a female-led con movie starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson were any good, but it’s really, really not….

You can click through to see their #1 pick. Personally, I prefer the sound of How to Steal a Million, which they put at #2:

Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole light up the screen in this perfect little caper, about a young Parisian woman who disapproves of her jolly father Hugh Griffith’s penchant for art forgery. He’s an impeccable imitator of the Great Masters, and makes a pretty penny from selling them, but when he loans a priceless statue forged by his father to a museum for an exhibition, he finds out that the statue will have to be examined in order for it to be given its $1 million insurance protection. Knowing that an examination will expose her family’s history of art crime, she decides to steal it back from the museum, somehow. Only, since she has had no interest in a criminal lifestyle until now, needs to enlist the help of sexy cat burglar Peter O’Toole to help. The heist they pull off is one of the cleverest ones I’ve seen onscreen. And the scene where Audrey Hepburn sees Peter O’Toole for the first time, when he’s peeking out at her over the frame of the painting he’s swiping, and his eyes are super blue and when he puts it down it’s revealed he’s wearing a tuxedo… no better meet-cute in the history of cinema.

I wonder if I ever saw that? I certainly don’t remember it. Sounds delightful — I should definitely add it to the list of movies to see someday.

If you’re interested, they put Ocean’s Eight dead last on their list of Heist movies. I will note that they put the first Ocean’s Eleven remake as their #3 pick, so . . . wow. Quite a point spread there. They put the original Ocean’s Eleven as #42.

Their #1 pick for Heist movies is another old one, Asphalt Jungle.

Much, much, much more at the links.

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  1. Kathryn McConaughy

    How to Steal a Million is a wonderful movie. It is a very, very clever heist, although if you think about it too much the number of things that had to go right for it to work are pretty appalling.

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