Finished! — times two

Okay! So, busy weekend!

1.First, I’m really glad to say that I finally completed the entire Copper Mountain revision. It turned into significantly more work toward the end than I initially thought it was going to; I re-worked some of those chapters a fair bit, including cutting the entire last chapter and replacing it.

As a side question, I wonder how many of you prefer which pov character? The four pov characters we have had so far in the novels are: Natividad, Alejandro, Justin, and Miguel, pretty much in that order chronologically. I did not exactly do this on purpose, but Natividad and Miguel almost entirely split the narrative in Copper Mountain. I hope that’s all right with readers.

Of course the pov moves around a lot more in the shorter works. Let me see, who else has gotten pov stories … well, Thaddeus, Ethan, Keziah, Carissa, Tommy … anyone else besides the main protagonists from the novels? I think that’s it. The next Black Dog project will be another collection, so whom would you most like to see take the pov again? There will be another Ethan novella for sure — I wrote that last year some time — so who else? I have vague ideas for a couple more stories, but I’m not sure what I’ll be doing for those, so if you have preferences, this would be the time to let me know.

All right, next:

2.Second, did I mention that I’d written a long novella / short novel set in the world of Tuyo? I’m not sure I mentioned that, except to a couple of you whom I asked to critique it. It’s just about exactly 70,000 words, about 215 pages, so that’s roughly half the length of Copper Mountain but well within the typical length for a short novel.

Well, I got that revised this weekend and I think it’s in pretty good shape for, if all goes well, release later this month. It’s quite different from Tuyo. It’s third person, set 14 years earlier, from the pov of Nikoles Ianan. The story he told Ryo in Tuyo stuck with me, so this is that story. I hope you all enjoy it!

I’m ready for typo reads for both of these books, so if you volunteered to read something for me, thank you! You will be getting one or the other of these stories in your mailbox today.

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8 thoughts on “Finished! — times two”

  1. Kathryn McConaughy

    This is very exciting news :) I look forward to reading both of them!
    In terms of POV, I loved all of the short stories and their POV characters. Thaddeus and Ethan were great.
    In the novels I like Natividad and Alejandro the best. It seems to me like Justin and Miguel structure their sentences in similar ways, which gives their thoughts the same sort of rhythm; so it can be hard to keep track of who I’m listening to. That might just be me…

  2. Well, Kathryn, maybe I’ll think about giving Alejandro a more central role for the next book. It’s probably his turn anyway, since he’s been a bit sidelined for some time now.

    I hardly know which of the secondary protagonists are my personal favorites. I started to say Thaddeus was, and then Ethan, and then Keziah, and then I gave up because I don’t think I can pick one.

  3. I like what I see so far of Copper Mountain! Miguel is a manipulative sort, for sure; he is sure to be tempted if and when he has to banish a demon. (Chekhov certainly gave Miguel a high-caliber gun in act 1.)

    The writing is extremely clean. Only 2 very minor continuity issues by ch 15, and a handful of word choice questions. No typos yet, but I will do a reread with them in mind.

  4. Picking a favorite POV is tough but I might have to say Alejandro. I really like seeing the internal conflict with his black dog and the instincts it gives him, and I want to know more about his developing role within Dimilioc. Also I LOVE Keziah.

  5. A previous comment about favorite secondary character was lost.

    Keziah, because her personality makes for more conflict with her shadow than Ethan or Thaddeus. She really has to *work* at not being a monster.

  6. To be honest I like them all. I love getting the story from Natividad and Alejandro’s perspective. But I enjoy the uniqueness of Justin and how he brings the math/geometry angle to magical problem-solving. I didn’t think I would like Miguel’s perspective as much but it was refreshing to see his interactions with Dimilioc and the soldiers. It’s nice to see the human family perspective especially from a character that is informed and often underestimated.

    Incidentally, my favorite secondary character POV in the short stories was Tommy. I love the idea of Tommy’s grandfather becoming an indirect influence on Dimilioc through him.

  7. Thanks for everyone’s comments about favorite characters! I appreciate that. Not sure what I’ll do with pov in the fifth novel or the next collection, but I take all your comments very seriously. Lindsey, I was thinking about another story from Tommy’s pov because, among other things, he could give us a good look at the younger set — he, Nicholas, and Amira are all about the same age. Conway, Thaddeus’ son, is younger, but undoubtedly the strongest of the kids. It would be interesting to work out something about the relationships among the younger black dogs.

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