Book cakes

Here’s a post at Book Riot that you can certainly sink your virtual teeth into: 19 UNBELIEVABLY REALISTIC BOOK CAKES THAT WILL HAVE YOU SIDE-EYEING YOUR BOOKSHELVES

I realize that photos of cakes that really, really look like books is … well, it’s a little hard to tell that they are actually cakes, rather than books. I’m taking their word for it that these are cakes. Although I wouldn’t be eager to slice into a super-fancy cake of any kind, I do feel a photo of a book cake would be improved by taking a slice out of it so that the viewer can tell for SURE that the thing is a cake, not a book.

The first entry is … THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO! That’s so appropriate given recent posts here, such as this one and this one.

No way to copy the image and post it here, so click through and enjoy the image at Book Riot. The one with the roses is my actual favorite.

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