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In case you’re interested, the voice actor who’s producing the audiobook for TUYO, Patrick McCaffrey, has a Facebook page, here, where he’s doing video presentations about the process of creating an audiobook.

Here’s his post where he records a chapter of TUYO. (With the help of a charming young cat, I’ll add.) This isn’t the first chapter, so it would be hard to figure out what’s going on if you haven’t read the book. I will say, he’s given Hokino a very dramatic style compared to Ryo or Aras. Probably that’s part of the continuing effort to make every character sound different, but part of it is that he’s drawing out the vowels a little for Ugaro — because, if you remember, that’s something Ryo is told very early, that to improve his accent in darau, he should shorten his vowels.

Here’s a sample of the comments and queries I get from Patrick — I think you’ll be impressed by how thorough and careful he is when he’s preparing to record:

Did the script analysis for chapters 5-10, and read ahead to chapter 14. I think I was slightly wrong in Esau’s personality, he’s more than just a generic soldier, he has a bit of a bored tone in most of what he does and says. And a lot of Lord Aras’ tone will continue to be a very knowing and matter-of-fact. And Harana’s impatience/annoyance will be a little more obvious. For Chapter 6 – Ianan – pronunciation ‘EE-ah-nan’ (like naan bread). For Deracas Govis Taranat, is the ‘G’ in Govis the same sound as in Geras’ name? Chapter 7 – Aedani – is the pronunciation ‘AY-ee-da-nee’ ; ‘AY-da-nee’ ; or ‘ay-DA-nee’ or some other pronunciation? All of the other new names are pretty straight forward. Chapter 8 – Laraut – ‘la-ROWT’ – friendly voice, somewhere between Esau and Suyet. Lalani – ‘la-LA-nee’ – mischievous and cheerful. Sestaket – ‘ses-KA-tet’ Chapter 9 – Hokino inKera – Proud, Strong, not without guile. Longer speech patterns to indicate Taksu. The entire interrogation feels like horse trading/haggling. Chapter 10 – Primarily a monologue about all the inner turmoil of his thoughts; his conflicts about honor and oaths and sorcery and magic. If there’s anything that is important that I didn’t mention, please let me know. 

And here’s a post where he does “pick ups” — corrections — later.

The whole thing makes me (even more) glad that I never for one second considered recording an audio version myself. A lot goes into this! I’ve listened to the first four complete chapters so far and I can assure you that the final product is smooth, nothing like the somewhat stumbling and repetitive recording process.

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2 thoughts on “Voice acting for an audiobook”

  1. Hmm. Not at all how I would interpret Hokino. I’d give him a quieter voice, and less overtly boastful, like an idealized Japanese warrior at a tea ceremony.

  2. Rachel Neumeier

    Hokino is likely to be toned down a bit in the final version. But I must say, Ryo and Aras already sound like themselves to me

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