Beyond the Dreams We Know: a reminder

Just wanted to remind you all that Beyond the Dreams We Know is set to go free for one day only, this coming Sunday.

If you’ve never picked it up, now’s your chance! And if you’ve already got it, mention the freebie to a friend!

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4 thoughts on “Beyond the Dreams We Know: a reminder”

  1. No wonder the German covers are better–the Griffin is very much a Germanic mythical beast!

  2. Allan Shampine

    The German covers are great.

    As a kid, I loved The Crystal Gryphon by Andre Norton. I just googled that and hadn’t realized how many times it had been reprinted with different covers, most of which have gryphons. I rather like most of them. Can’t copy in pictures here, unfortunately. There is, however, a Polish edition that is unbelievably bad. Covered with scantily clad warrior women and a lion. I kid you not!

  3. Charlotte, I briefly forgot those, don’t know why, those are some of my very favorite gryphons too.

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