Beyond the Dreams We Know: a request

I’m going to schedule July 12 as a day on which to make Beyond the Dreams free. I’ll be running promotions for it, and hoping see quite a few readers who aren’t familiar with my work pick it up.

If you’ve read it but haven’t quite gotten around to leaving a review, then if you’ve got a moment, now would be a good time.

Also: if you have left a review, thank you!

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3 thoughts on “Beyond the Dreams We Know: a request”

  1. That sounds like a great idea. That way people who get particularly interested in one of the stories can hunt down the full length books.

  2. Could have sworn I’d done a goodreads review, but when I checked it wasn’t there – guess I just talked about it in the AV Club “what are you reading this month” comments back when it was released – regardless, there’s a review up now. I hope you get a good amount of interest!

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